valentine’s day card 2008


Bu’s Valentine’s Day card. I’m feeling really self-satisfied right now and am enamoured with my own cleverness.

Edit: I hope Bu isn’t freaked out:) I have never gone humorous with the Val Day card- I usually go the metaphysical Rumi-quoting route. I had a great one a few years ago with a human heart and ribcage with layers of thick red peeling paint texture over parchment with a Rumi poem but I can’t find it. It was gorgeous. I’m sure he’ll dig my snarky fun. I did write very emotively on the inside. We are a fine wine, Bu & I, I wrote. Seven years together this June- is that long enough to say we are wine? Does it sound like, “Jeez we have been together soooo long…”?


3 responses to “valentine’s day card 2008

  1. absolutely totally awesome. i love it.

  2. This totally cracks my shit up. I gave it to Hawk.

  3. I think it’s totally awesome. Plus, I have a HUGE thing for Hugh Laurie (so long as he speaks American. Once the accent comes out, I get kinda skeeved.)

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