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I’m taking a week or two off the blogosphere. (I’ll check in to see when Brooke’s baby comes, though.) I just feel like I’ve had diarhhea of the blog lately and I need to pause. I also need for every free moment to be spent on artwork for the show. Deadline in two weeks.

So I’ll see you in a while. Blessings:)


Overheard last night chez DaisyBones: *Achoo!* “Don’t sneeze in mommy’s gluten!”

To make gluten “meat” from regular whole wheat flour, you mix up dough with cold water and about 4 cups of flour. Knead it for 15 minutes-ish, maybe less. Mine was a little chewier than I’d like.

Put it in a bowl and cover with cold water. Let sit 45-60 minutes.

Knead it under the water. The starches will come out and make it cloudy. Replace water, repeat until insane. I never did get my water clear but mine was OK. When it’s good and rubbery, pick of little pieces and drop into a big pan of boiling veggie broth with splashes of soy sauce and steak sauce added. Simmer about 20 or 30 minutes. If you wantto, pull out the gluten meat with a slotted spoon and add flour and whisk into the broth until gravy consistency.

Serve with instant mashed potatoes so that, like me, you can have a good laugh at yourself for making homemade faux meat but slacking on the potatoes but at least you fulfilled your craving for meat and potatoes with gravy.

Meat eating readers? Don’t laugh too hard. It really is edible;)

more vodou than wicca, amusingly

My Pagan Practice

Tradition Eclectic
Ecstatic Solemn
Magical Spiritual

Pagan Faith Practices Survey created by Otherworld Apothecary
Full Results:

I scored high on Reclaiming, which is cool, as my group is similar and the woman who mentored me is Reclaiming.

tibet love

(I totally wish we would boycott the Olympics.)

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spell for heidi & family


This spelldoodle ™ calls on Hestia, the hearth goddess of home, and Mercury the patron of travel to help Heidi with a trans-Atlantic move. Peace and blessings, sweatpea! When is the move?

Hestia is mah girl. She is the only Olympian who was never anthropomorphized. She’s always depicted as a flame. She lives in my Buck Stove- did you know? And  she is the sacred guardian of women whose names begin with H. I made that part up, but seriously, I love Her.

Heidi is mah girl, too. She is smarter than me- and I never, ever say that about people. But there it is. She also grows beautiful flowering plants and takes beautiful photos of them and makes really pretty needlepoint pieces and her little boy has a baby crush on Molly. Luckily for the wee Mr. C, the Birdy shares my love of the British:)

please ignore the giant orange dots

I can’t really explain their presence other than to say that I was sick of having someone else’s graphics on my blog but am too lazy to make good ones of my own. I made bad ones, though, and they’re my bad, so yay. See also how crappariffic scrolly spiral whatsits can look if you spend two minutes on them during lunch break:)

pregnant daddy

Sometimes I think something so quintessentially me that I giggle at myself as I race to blog it. Today’s bit of That’s Soooo DaisyBones:

I read the details about a transgender man who is carrying a child after having partial reassignment surgery that left his female reproductive system intact. My reaction? Oh! I wish I could be a breastmilk donor for them! (I can’t donate milk to anyone due to storage issues. Some moms have excess lipase, an enzyme that speeds spoiling.)

too true

“If God, as they say, is homophobic, I wouldn’t worship that God.” -Desmond Tutu


frighteningly arbitrary definitions of terrorism, via Salon

Salon has a great in-depth article about Briana Waters, an environmental activist, violin teacher, and mom who is accused of domestic terrorism after an informant named her as a lookout at an ELF (Earth Liberation Front) act of arson ten years ago at a lab where they thought genetic research was being done.

The article includes references to the government’s (this was under Ashcroft and Meuller) reshaping of the FBI as a terrorist prevention organization. It describes how classification of acts of domestic terrorism depend not on the violence or destructiveness of the action itself but rather the aim of the activists- specifically, they target animal rights and environmentalists.

I am not- not, not, not- an advocate of property destruction but let’s look at this logic: Protests acts in which property is destroyed, if the intention is to save animals from medical torture or to protect ecosystems, is terrorism. Killing doctors who perform abortions is um, not considered terrorism.

The article does not juxtapose the lefty arsons against righty murders. That’s all me. But this is apparently the first time the terrorism laws have been applied to a case where no human lives were lost. This is the kind of shit that makes me want to quit my job and become a full-time radical activist, or alternatively find a commune somewhere where I can stick my fingers deep in my ears, throw on an organic hemp-woven blindfold, and chant until I can ignore all the scary ridiculous crap that is happening in my country.