Remember a few months ago when I lamented that I am awful as a toddler mom but had been so good at infant mothering? I have now tripped into the whimsical faery land that is almost-Two.

She’s so enjoyable most of the time that it’s helping me through the inevitable challenges with patience. She snuggles and gives spontaneous bear hugs and says “love you” (wuh-boo!)

We spent nearly an hour playing with her dolls (beh-BEE!!!) and swaddling them in various groupings into several different blankets. She’s into pretending to be a baby lately- which is crazy considering it was like five minutes ago that she was still sporting an umbilical stump. She has me swaddle her up and rock her. I have to sing Rock-A-Bye Baby, and I’m not allowed to substitute “Molly” for baby. I’m also required to dip her at the end when “down will come baby.” Yesterday she had me tie her two favorite dollies to her in a makeshift baby sling. I melted.

She said her first “sentences” yesterday- “Dadda bye-bye” when he went into a store then “Dadda! No-No!” when Her Highness was displeased about something. I was excited because I have friends whose same-age munchkins are oratory geniuses, like the beautiful M’Ello and the gorgeous Remy and I’ve been excited to hear her master language better. She repeats a lot of sounds, but I have to prompt her usually. She is sneaking new words into her vocabulary all the time, though. She would probably prefer to sign but I’m not investing any effort into keeping up with her. If she had a speech delay I would, but she’s doing awesome, so I slack.

The night nursing is easing up a little bit. She’s eating consistently, finally. A small breakfast then decent lunch, dinner, and late snack. She eats way to many hotdogs, but at least they’re all beef and kosher. I don’t exactly know why knowing it’s kosher meat pleases a vegetarian heathen so much, but it does:) I guess knowing there was sacred intention surrounding the slaughter helps? She is loving on veggies, but they are purees still. She will occasionally eat a piece of green pepper raw but generally is still in mush land.

I am just generally delighted today with this child and the amazingly groovy intersection of baby and child that she occupies. I love it, and it’s super precious and wondrous knowing she’s a quick little changeling (in the invented-by-my-mom sense of one who changes lots, not a swapped-out goblin child) who is different with each moon. The energy of youth and exploring and laughing is so beautiful. She is a gift.


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