(it’s from PostSecret)

I worry about the appropriateness of being pretty sure I love Molly more than Bu. Some days I think Well, duh… biology and some days I think That’s awful and that I am not trying hard enough to stay in in-love with Bu.

Then sometimes I just fall into the groove of the three of us and I love us as a whole and it’s like right after Mercury has been retrograde and things are OK again.

I seem to be more moon-eyed, Goddess chanty, hippy mama lately. Have you noticed? It’s a seasonal thing. Crabby-ass gothgirl of snarky blogging in the winter, radiant flower child cornflaking about the planets’ alignment in the spring:)


2 responses to “opposite

  1. Girl – I’m going through a change recently too. Perhaps its spring or realizing that I need to take ownership of my life’s direction – but I’m totally reconnecting with my crunchy girl side. Fresh vegetables, composting and recycling (more) again – it feels so good to reconnect with part of yourself. Kind of like remembering how much you like knitting or scrapbooking. Or reading your favorite book like it’s new again.


  2. I suddenly don’t want to eat meat. It’s weird.

    I tend to love whichever one is pissing me off the least. 🙂

    I don’t love MORE. I love different.

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