david cook rocks my socks

Dude, I actually voted. I have never voted. But a sweet emo-ish guitar version of Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello”? It was too good.


5 responses to “david cook rocks my socks

  1. OK. I so get dreadlock-boy. Oh my gawwwwd. Come to mama!

  2. I used to (vote) when I would watch with my old best gay boyfriend, who watches with his partner now and never calls me anymore because I’m always busy with the toddler-person that consumes my existence whole and — uh. I hope it’s good this season?


  3. I wish they’d let him get rid of that unfortunate hair. The combover ain’t foolin’ anybody. And he has a healthy dose of awesome. I think he could be a sleeper winner.

    It’s gonna David & David, Irish Girl and rocker nurse 😉

  4. How can you guys still watch that?

    What’s up with your site? It’s all wonky…

  5. lol, ‘dora:)

    1. I stripped off my CSS so I can rebuilt my layout. Then neglected to rebuild yet;)

    2. Meh. It’s a guilty pleasure:) And it gives me sexy hot dreams about a certain Australian young hottie.

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