nom nom nom


Nursey photo, just because it’s adorable and there are no asshats from FaceBook or MySpace or LiveJournal here to poop on my boob parade. And speaking of poop, just minutes after this snapshot was taken, the Birdy walked up to me going “Ew! Blech!” with one eensy finger outstretched. I thought, “Booger!” but no. Was poop. She musta gone digging very carefully, because there was nary a smudge or smear outside of the nicely contained mess in her diaper.

I can has potty trained kid plz?


6 responses to “nom nom nom

  1. Oh honey, I wish I could tell you it gets better when they’re potty trained. It does… but only in some ways. But then there’s the incessant trips into public toilets once they need a toilet to do their business, and the requisite germs therein. And don’t even get me started on toddlers who don’t tell you when they’ve pooped and try to wipe their own bums.

  2. Lisa above is right. But eventually that gets easier too.

    The photo is beautiful. I loved feeding all three of mine. I felt like a food source half the time, but mostly blessed.

    IMHO, there’s nothing like it.

    Thanks for sharing that.

  3. I can tell we’re not going to have potty training for a LONG time. Long, long, long.


  4. That is such a sweet photo.

  5. bits of myself

    precious photo!

  6. sweet picture!!!!

    Digging for poop… real fun times, that!

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