189, for the win!

(I lost those 2 pounds. Am UNDER ONE NINETY! Of course, that was this a.m. before my go-me breakfast of oatmeal. And my fast food lunch and dinner. Eep. But still. w00t!)


5 responses to “189, for the win!

  1. That totally frakking rocks!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. whee! that’s awesome!
    funny how like with age, one or two pounds more or less can make a milestone, isn’t it? for me it was getting below 180. annoyingly i then got stuck there in the mid 70s for two months. i think it needed some spring in the air for me to start losing again – now 168. i still squee with joy every time i step on the scale – even if it has gone up a pound – simply because it’s not saying anything 200ish any more.

  4. w00t!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think my dance of joy for you lost me two pounds 😉

    Way to be!

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