triangle family

Cross-posted at Wabi Sabi Mamas, which has yet to officially launch but is being updated:

So in my newfound Nowness I have found that Molly is absofuckinglutely adorable between the little mini-tantrums. I have laughed a lot with her this week. In other elephant news, we saw Horton Hears a Who, and it was fabulous. She had fun and was “easy” that day. We took a three year old sorta-niece too, and they were very BFF. This means there are two kids that she will play with relatively drama-free. Awesome development.


3 responses to “snapshot

  1. You know, this might be the first family all together pic I’ve seen of ya’ll in awhile at least… hard to get those, isn’t it?

    She looks like a little kid!!!!!

  2. I like the wabi sabi mamas blog, although you and your earth mama ways make me feel very imperfect indeed (says the mother who uses a stroller and has a toddler who’s working VERY hard on self-weaning!).

    will have to add it to my readable links πŸ™‚

  3. Poo, Heidi! We use a stroller sometimes- I initially got into wearing the baby for at home so my good arm would be free. I just make her walk everywhere now;)

    If Moll wanted to start self weaning, I’d *weep* for joy. It’s cool that I’m approaching the goal I’ve always wanted- 2 years- but I’m worn out. I’d be very, very happy to see any cues at all that she’s ready to stop.

    I always thought that you and I have very similar “levels of earth mama-ness” πŸ™‚

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