century goth(ic) girl

I have a Cafe Press site: Furry Zen. This is my very first attempt at retail product creation. I give you, interwebs, century goth ic girl. It is my teeshirt lovesong to a typeface and design geeks everywhere.

It’s all I got so far, but it comes in V Neck, V Neck Plus, Scoop Neck Plus, Long Sleeve, and Maternity. You can pick any color you want as long as it’s black. Yes, when they invent a darker color you can have more options;)


There’s a new design blog as well, also Furry Zen, which will supplement the Real Businessey Website. I have really got to redo my design site. It makes me nauseous. It’s pathetic. OK.


6 responses to “century goth(ic) girl

  1. Just bought one, thanks muchly 🙂

  2. Shut UP! You bought one!? w00t! Customer. You’re a goddess:)


  3. ALL I mean ALL of my resumes are in Century Gothic. LOVE.

  4. Hells ya, I bought one. I am in total love with Century Gothic and love that shirt.

  5. want. except silly hippie me thinks I would be a total poseur if I ever wore it… which makes me think that buying one would be silly.

    Plus, the one I like best is the maternity shirt and yeah… that’s just flirting with disaster, isn’t it?

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