please ignore the giant orange dots

I can’t really explain their presence other than to say that I was sick of having someone else’s graphics on my blog but am too lazy to make good ones of my own. I made bad ones, though, and they’re my bad, so yay. See also how crappariffic scrolly spiral whatsits can look if you spend two minutes on them during lunch break:)

3 responses to “please ignore the giant orange dots

  1. I like the scrolly spiral whatsits. I spend too much time picking at my site’s design I have to tell myself to stop. Even if it doesn’t look “done.”

  2. Thanks Kathy:) I like the look of them, and I rilly lurve the mendhi pattern I stole from the web, but if you look carefully, the scrolls don’t even pretend to line up right:)

    Whatever… at least now I know I adore dotted spirals with mendhi doodles.

  3. are you kidding? the scrolly thingies are totally beautiful. can you make some for my blog? kidding. sort of. 🙂
    you are so damn talented, daisybones. i am always awed.

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