spell for heidi & family


This spelldoodle ™ calls on Hestia, the hearth goddess of home, and Mercury the patron of travel to help Heidi with a trans-Atlantic move. Peace and blessings, sweatpea! When is the move?

Hestia is mah girl. She is the only Olympian who was never anthropomorphized. She’s always depicted as a flame. She lives in my Buck Stove- did you know? And  she is the sacred guardian of women whose names begin with H. I made that part up, but seriously, I love Her.

Heidi is mah girl, too. She is smarter than me- and I never, ever say that about people. But there it is. She also grows beautiful flowering plants and takes beautiful photos of them and makes really pretty needlepoint pieces and her little boy has a baby crush on Molly. Luckily for the wee Mr. C, the Birdy shares my love of the British:)


5 responses to “spell for heidi & family

  1. I likee. Any chance you’d do Hecate? I tried for over 3 years to get pregnant, made a desperate prayer and offering to Hecate and got pregnant on the next cycle. Nothing else had changed or was different. It’s Zoe’s craft name b/c of that 😉

  2. That is absolutely beautiful and very meaningful – thank you so much! I shall print off a copy and keep it with me.

    I really like the fire imagery, by the way. The image of a rich tapestry lit by a burning flame has been one that’s stayed with me for a long time and although I don’t entirely take it seriously, my astrological sign is Sagittarius, so therefore a fire sign too.

    It’s an aspect of my personality that I’m learning more about, that fire within, so this is especially meaningful in that context. I had forgotten about Hestia but I’ve always been drawn to her as well – how did you know?!!

    The move is in exactly two months – May 28.

  3. Eden, I’m all over it:) I LOVE Hecate. I love her trinity-ness and she is sometimes associated with Persephone & Demeter as a crone aspect, and they are my most favorite:)

    My cousin and I have a running joke-fight about pronounciation. He says HEH-cuht. I say heh-KAH-tee. I want to say heh-KAH-tay but I think the TEE is correct? How do you say it?

  4. I lurve your doodles. You are glowing with such creativity lately. I really need you to come and rub your goddess antlers on my cold winter trunk of frozen creative juices so I can join in the doodly-writing fun!

  5. I say heh-KAH-tay ; but it probably should be heh-KAH-tee.

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