tibet love

(I totally wish we would boycott the Olympics.)

3 responses to “tibet love

  1. You know, I’ve been thinking on this since I read a passage in “The Kite Runner” this morning where the main character’s father sneers at the US’s boycott of the Olympics in Moscow as a meaningless gesture.

    As much as my emotional side would love to see the US (and anybody else!) boycott the Beijing Olympics, as long as America imports Chinese goods, how *meaningless* would that BE as a gesture, you know?

    And even then…if we boycotted all Chinese goods, would we be hurting the Chinese government or the people who own and work at the businesses that produce those goods? Is it fair for me to deprive Chinese families of income when they have little or no say over what to do about Tibet in the first place?

    It’s hard to know what the right sort of gesture IS. I wish it were more black and white :/

  2. You’re absolutely right about the gesture being empty, and there is no way in hell it’ll happen. It would be such a huge statement, though… Just daydreaming:)

  3. They boycotted Berlin, and we still remember that.

    Sometimes seemingly meaningless gestures have power.

    I wish mine would, but with a trading partner THAT big, they never will.

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