i feel fine

I do feel fine now, with a ginger ale & rum.

I looked at my stats panel again because it keeps telling me all this cool shit like the fact that you can earn recognition and books by gutting yourself emotionally and then hitting “post.”

I found an incoming link from We Feel Fine. This is the coolest ever blog project. Coolest EVER. There will be hours lost, I promise you.


One response to “i feel fine

  1. it’s so funny that you mentioned this website. about a year ago, a photo of my daughter with verbiage from one of my posts overlaid on it, was used on this site. i totally wierded me out and i felt like someone had stolen/plagiarized my writing without my consent. i emailed them and requested they take it down asap. perhaps i was more sensitive to it because it was a photo of my young daughter and words i’d written about her.
    either way, it is a very interesting project.

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