weaning immanent?

Tonight is the fifth night in a row the Bird went to sleep without her num-a-num. It’s the third night I actually put her to bed myself. (!) Yesterday there was no nursing from wake up until the wee hours this morning. Today so far there was only one quick attempt, when she latched on for ten seconds and then very casually said “No,” and gently patted my top down. (She as pretty much only nursed two or three times between 2 a.m. and waking around 7:30 in the past week, actually.)

I started my period today, so I think that’s why she was all “Meh” today. Either didn’t get any milk quickly enough or it tasted weird? However, the menstrual hormones usually come with all night clinger monkey Hoover nursing. I think she’s having a very low interest phase… And I think that I’m taking advantage and allowing weaning to start. I’m no longer offering, but won’t refuse. I may even start to delay her if she asks during the night. It feels right, and the last two nights of her very peacefully turning her back to me after stories and scooting up into my belly then pulling my arm to encircle her have been the most blissful bedtimes in recent memory. The idea of stopping is full of relief and quiet closure. I may be reading her cues all wrong and she may pick back up but if we are “starting to finish” I am feeling good. Earlier my eye was seriously bugging but I couldn’t sleep, so I recorded a voice post about all this for Wabi Sabi Mamas. The file turned out to be too big to upload easily for free unless I started a mypodcast, so I spontaneously started podcasting as a little extra thing for Lexie’s and my little lotus blossom of a mommy blog:) If you go to the podcast site, be aware that it’s saturated with huge ugly ads. Blegh.)

I’m going to go to the next meeting of the local lactivist-y group here- the one sponsoring the art show. I may get involved, may not. I like the idea of working with them because our region really needs better education and PR for breastfeeding. Our rates are crazy low and we are a poor buncha peeps. I actually talked to an expecting mom who was squicked about nursing her first baby who is planning to breastfeed this new babe because it’s cheaper and healthier. I offered her books, etc. and warned her about the crappy nurses at the hospital she is going to use. She surprised me- she was so grossed out about it when Molly was new, and we teased each other a lot (she’s extended family) but she was so serious about nursing this time and was also really supportive to hear that the Boo’s nursed so long.


One response to “weaning immanent?

  1. I think Ciaran’s pretty much weaned at this point – the last time I nursed him was a week and a half ago, to try and get him to nap, and he kept latching off and trying to sleep on his own, then starting to nurse again, latching off, etc.

    He finally fell asleep NOT on the boob and I thought…he doesn’t need it anymore. He asks about “nurse! nurse!” in the mornings sometimes but he really means “climb in bed and play!”

    I’m sad that that part of our relationship is done but you know what? I’m happy to not be nursing a toddler.

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