puddle of melted mommy

OhMahGoddess look what I found:

So, now that I have looked at this and made googley eyes at it and did not burst into tears, we know that I am definitely OK with weaning:) Seriously, if there were any doubts I would have just died. It does sorta make me have new baby lust. But only a little. Look how Tiny Newborn Bird is almost crushed under Giant Mommy Boob Which is Packin’ Lots of Reglan Assisted Milk Supply. And look how she really did have mommy-like hair for a week or so:) Look how great her latch is with her poor ittle freshly-clipped tongue.


4 responses to “puddle of melted mommy

  1. This is beautiful. I definitely plan to take more breastfeeding pics this time.

  2. oh how beautiful!

    let the baby lust commence!

  3. Oh what a beautiful portrait of both of you!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo!!! It is awesome on so many levels. How lucky you are to have it!

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