badd: blog against disablism day

Synchronicity swirling around me again, I am having the Week of Addressing Disabilities. My supervisor recruited me to speak about the clinic at a middle school for a diversity workshop they held yesterday. I decided to integrate some talk about myself too, and it worked beautifully. I was able to start with my arm and then use that to talk about visible versus invisible disabilities, and then segued into what we do at the clinic. [Sorry, but I gotta leave some vagueness about work intact for Secret Identity Purposes to protect my beloved work place from being associated with a Radical and Highly Controversial Blogger and Purveyor of Subversive Ideas. *snort* Read: Mommyblogger with delusions of awesomeness who is so undersexed she thinks lists of hot chick crushes is somehow revolutionary;)]

I had dreaded the speaking part, but it was groovy. The kids had insightful, intelligent questions and there were a handful of kids with special needs throughout the day and that plus me equaled a successful discussion of various abilities and disorders that pretty much completely avoided “other-ness” language.

So, I survived my uneasiness with public speaking, which is not terrible, really. Just butterflies and a dry mouth. Then this morning I sat down with my cup of coffee at my neglected computer to read my poor ignored feed reader and saw that my beautiful Soul Sistah Lexie had written a BADD post. Having a bit of extra time this morning, I decided to write a post. Which, it now seems, has been quite overtaken by its own introduction. So quickly, let me repost, again, my sexy self portrait that was my own personal One Armed Sexy Witch Mama coming out party.

Only, wow. I do not have one arm. I completely negate my right arm all the freaking time! I have two arms, and two hands even. Meh… is it just shorthand? Because I could spend all day explaining myself into circles. Seven fingers, one long arm, one short.

And without further rambling, I give you my actual post:

Here is the state of my consciousness regarding my birth defect about a year ago:

It was seriously, asskickingly empowering to create and post this piece. I love that it ended up so sexy. It really was only revealing skin to show my arm off better but yeah. Owning my own image and really synthesizing my arm with its strange look and the sexual side of me was kind of huge. I’ve always had “sexual being” and “mutant arm chick” as wholly different selves in my brain, until that self portrait. In fact, I think mutant arm self had its very own tightly guarded box that was separate from everything, actually. You can see the entire original post here.

So forgive the indulgent reposting of the portrait, but I offer it in celebration of BADD and badass mutant hot people everywhere.

6 responses to “badd: blog against disablism day

  1. thehippiethatcan

    Hello Daisy… Though I’ve experienced disablism, I’d never thought of it as actual *discrimination*–silly me… thank you for that enlightening post and beautiful art piece! I’ve been thinking of making some kind of visual art (I’m usually a poet) art about the ideas of disability/beauty/age (I’m a college froshwoman)… I have rheumatoid arthritis, by the way. That admission makes this comment make much more sense. Did you talk about RA at all in your clinic?

    I’m sorry, but I am not sure from this post… Do you actually work for a Disability Resource Center of some kind? (I understand if you don’t want to answer this, or you can email me if you’d like). I’m kind of looking for places/opportunities to discuss disability/disablism. (Our DRC isn’t very high profile on campus.)

    Also I really enjoy your posts/poems about day-to-day life and being a mom, they’re inspiring and grounding and good. Thanks 🙂

    thelittleistgypsy [at] gmail
    (who found you through Davka, by the way.)

  2. Your BADD is WAY better than mine!!!! I was up way too late last night, and had brain fuzz…

  3. That picture of you is so hot.

  4. yes. definitely hotness. 😉

  5. Yeah I remember the first time I saw that photo, I was like “Wowza. She’s a hottie.” Then later I went back to read more comments and I was like “what’s all this talk about her arm?” B/c I only had a quick moment when I first saw, didn’t read the post & just saw the pic. Then I was like, “Oh!” I had seen the pic and totally missed the “mermaid arm,” as I heard you once call it.

  6. OMG you rock and are hilarious. I’m cruising through your archives now!

    – Liz

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