this is why i win biggest fuck-up award today

Because I forgot that, as a registered member of the Mountain/Green Party in WV, I can’t vote for a presidential nominee. We ain’t got any. Apparently. We did… I dunno what happened to Jesse Johnson. I realized this yesterday. Quite a hell of a  lot too late to switch. But OMG did I need to. Read this, from Salon:

“They won’t go for a black man, that’s just it,” R.K. Horton, a retired heating and air conditioning business owner, said of his neighbors. “I don’t think it’s being racist necessarily, they just don’t like black people that well.” For that matter, it’s not just his neighbors. “The arrogance and all that bothers me more than black, but black is a close second,” he said. “Our generation was back when blacks were the back of the bus, and it’s hard to change that outlook. I just feel like I couldn’t vote for him.”

Italics by me, whose head just exploded. There really are other non asshat West Virginians, I swear. Fuck.

8 responses to “this is why i win biggest fuck-up award today

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  2. Yeah, not too shocked, given the asshats who (aren’t black and) live in AL. Right bunch of fucktards, they are.

    Remind me to rant at you about how my friend who was born/ raised in Cali but has a AL husband and has “gone Southern” (aka, become much more conservative) has said some pretty not-cool thing. Ya know, someday when we’re drunk and need to rant about something…


  3. I don’t get it. What does COLOR ever have to do with will, intelligence and ability?


  4. Yeah around here people were saying the opposite in public and then come poll time, they all voted for Hillary and then came out & said they “just couldn’t” vote for Obama. Which is worse: acknowledging racism or hiding it?

  5. Eden, I suppose they get a little credit for acknowledging it? The thing that floors me is I was sure sexism would trump racism, or that the idiot Democratic vote would be at a standstill and they’d switch to vote for McCain.

  6. I am with you. EVIDENTLY I am registered Independent. DOH. I WISH WISH WISH I had realized that earlier. Fuckered that one up I did.

  7. the Dem. primaries are open. Independents, other parties- anyone can vote in them.

  8. Must vary state by state? I asked the poll workers if I could vote on a Dem. ticket and they said it isn’t allowed. In WV you have to vote on a party ticket for your registered party but Independents can request any ticket.

    It was highly depressing to hold my little Green Party ticket and see all those “no one registered for this office.” I wanted to bitchslap me:)

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