Sketchcasting: Coffee

WordPress still refuses to let me embed. Sorry:) Argh. I am having some “bail out and go back to Blogger” thoughts lately, but I’m loathe to start over again. It’s all just so damn much easier there, and now I own my domain name so I could use it there, just…. blah.


4 responses to “sketchcasting

  1. I moved back to Blogger for those same reasons. Since you own your own domain name, it shouldn’t be a problem, though I’m not sure you can import posts into Blogger. That kind of sucks.

  2. No, you can’t import posts. If you could, I’d move for sure. Bleh. Maybe they’ll adopt that feature sometime?

  3. i could listen to your voice for hours! really. i love your sketchcasts, and i don’t mind clicking on the link either.

    it seems to be a fact, sketchcast can’t be embedded in wordpress. i’ve just read about a million forum entries and blog posts and finally learned how i can embed vimeo videos. we’re thinking about starting a blog for our animation and eyecandy stuff and by now we believe we have to run wordpress on our domain to get the look we want. i’m kind of dreading this because i’m a complete idiot when it comes to code and stuff like this.

    oookay … having a huge bowl of café au (soy) lait now and listening to your coffee-cast again …

  4. Bine, you need to do a Sketchcast or some kind of voice post- I wanna hear your voice. We have discussed my fondness for German yes?

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