liberal, ftw! (or: let’s see which i can abuse more- the hyphen or the parenthesis)

Did y’all see this on Salon? It’s a great article about the leftifying of America and is full of excellent information that makes me feel positive and proud of my bleedy heart: Relax, Liberals, You’ve Already Won.

I also discovered, or was involved in co-discovery with, Lynn Alexander’s The Essential Industry. Lynn has a fascinating and smart blog she runs from Pittsburgh, my own Pet Big City. (I am sooo urban and hip because I lived in a gigantic city of wild burghiness for a whole ten months. Did you know?) Lynn has an insightful post about health care and the pure, unmitigated bullshit that is mandatory purchased health insurance.

I’m really enamored with the concept of her blog, i.e. that creative human enterprises are the only true essential industry. I love that the home of said blog is the steel-and-smoke-stained-stone scape of Pittsburgh. I love this, and (I’m reading so many incredible blogs based out of there) the idea that there is this change of the guard happening between evil, polluting, capitalist, eat-everything-in-it’s-path industry and hand-made/fair-trade/sustainable goods.  It  has obviously not reached the tipping point yet but  you can kinda feel the energy rising, y’know?

Somewhere while I was drinking in Lynn’s blog with my coffee this morning, I saw an allusion to the sort of apologetic or closeted stance liberals sometimes take. (Gak- can’t find it now.) But that along with the Salon article sort of buoyed my spirits. I felt like churning out a trillion liberal slogan teeshirts and wearing them everywhere or getting a tattoo on my forehead of a peace sign with a rainbow triangle and a pentagram and a venus symbol with a fist:)

I also Publicly Apologize for the terrific injustice I have done to you by forgetting to show link love to Thomai of MetaHara. Check out her video montage of her production projects- below- and read her journal.


3 responses to “liberal, ftw! (or: let’s see which i can abuse more- the hyphen or the parenthesis)

  1. Well What do you know!

    In the interests of disclosure, my family is in Pittsburgh. I’m near the PA-NY border at this time but I am in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas a lot. I happen to be pretty fascinated with some of the industrial landscape- although I don’t find the history of pollution to be very beautiful!

    There are some old mills that look downright apocalyptic. I’m not exactly sure why I have these fixations. Anyway…

    I so DO feel some energy rising! I think people are getting angry at last, at least about certain things. The cynic in me says that it took gas hitting four bucks a gallon for people to consider some changes on that front- but there are people out there every day working hard. “Activisting”.

    I am trying hard to change too, I am not there yet and I need a kick in the ass.

  2. shouting out to say I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU, grrl!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t really had time to keep up with your blog (or LJ or much of anything at all this week) but I MISS YOU TONS and I am trying to catch up right now 😀

    PS: I fucking hope the salon article is right. Otherwise, we’re fucked. I think about half the time, I feel the “w00t, liberal energy rising, world/ humanity will be saved” vibes and the other half of the time I don’t think we’re killing ourselves fast enough…

  3. I feel honored to be linked from here- thanks for sharing my work with your blog readers!

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