moving day

I’m fixin’ ta migrate my posts over to Blogger, so after this post, I’ll be there from now on. I’ll have the domain pointing there as soon as I can, but the real URL is Once I get a masked forwarding thing set up you’ll just see and I’ll be all happy again. I’ll get the feed fixed up, too. There’ll be RSS buttons and an email subscription button. I’ll announce at both blogs when changes are active.

By the way, argh: my comments won’t be exported, so I guess I’ll link back here for the true archives. Maybe Blog2Blog will improve soon? Regardless, I am so stoked that this application exists.

One response to “moving day

  1. Home again, are ya?

    So you are moving to blogger? I hated it but they have improved a few things so it’s better now. Good luck with the move. I’d like to know more about your motherhood art and…drunk blogging. I am also a mac person and I know they are forgiving but can only take so much. My mac from years ago still works, they all work, but are of no use really now.

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