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home, meh.

Firstly, who drinks a huge Long Island Iced Tea, then comes back to her laptop dying to blog but being self-restrained enough to make and enforce a No Drunk Blogging Rule, but then decides that Drunk Blog Editing is fine? Mulling over my on-the-road posts I see that, in my most poetical post, I have decided that typing the correct “there” right after the mistakenly-blogged “their” (a thing I snottily look down upon and think I’m way better than but persist in doing when I’m sleepy or giddy) but not deleting the error was a good idea.  Even if I’d done a strike through to show you how loopy I was, that would have been OK. But nope, tipsy proofreader just plopped down the better word right there and called it good. Also, I left “blissed” as “blessed.” I have now soberly re-edited my edit and my moon-ocean-super-baby-love post is improved.

Now I’m sinking into home life and trying to play catch up. I have so much to do but am, as usual, overwhelmed and daunted. No big… I guess I need to start with my computer issues. My poor dinosaur is running really slow and can’t even load Photoshop. Bu says he needs to reinstall the OS and I need to defrag and delete the eleventy billion gigs of image files I have on my hard drive. I’m pretty stuck I guess with addressing these issues first and then digging into my art stuff.

My throat is killing me again. Started in Daytona to feel sore & swollen again. Friday will be the one month anniversary of this annoying illness or allergy attack or WTF ever it is.  I hate to go to the clinic again and whine about it some more, but even if it is just allergies my OTC stuff is not working.

I did have good art news though: On the way to the beach a woman involved in my town’s big arts festival called to see if she could display my motherhood pieces in a store front downtown. I explained I was out of town until right before the start of the festival, and she told me she works at the bookstore where the previous show was held and the art was being stored and could take care of everything for me. That was killer awesome. I sit on my butt in the van, talking on my cell phone and poof! I have art in the public eye. It’s weirdish though, too. Those pieces are so different from what I’m working on now that they feel older than they are. Whatever. Art on display = good.


doodles & armpits

I may never actually complete the zine, because other priorities keep crowding it out. One of those priorities includes art I will have made being hung on freshly whitewashed* gallery walls in the company of many awesome friend/colleagues, so it’s really OK if doodle projects get neglected. To smooth things over with the doodles, I gave them a place in my header for now.

My favorite part is my spiky little underarm hairs. They are adorable but you can’t see very well here. Damn.

Quick aside- I’m undergoing my body hair trauma trying to decide whether to assimilate & remove most of it for this beach trip or just be The Crunchiest Pale Woman in the midst of tanned, slippery people at Daytona Beach. I will probably cave because I can totally milk it and tell Bu it’s a birthday present. I love my softness, (and hers… OMG meowwww) but I can indulge his oppressive patriarchal infantalizing mainstream tastes once in a while:)

*I want to say, “pristine” gallery walls, but that would be a misnomer. I learned this today because Sweetney is single-handedly educating and entertaining the whole ‘verse with her new link blog:)

another meta drivel post

I’m pondering my future online. I’m concerned about having all these faces and diluting my energy, and also my what… power to cross-promote, I guess?  I’m half-assing an art blog/Etsy shop and partner parenting blog, and have a design blog and Cafe Press shop idling in the back of my brain. This blog, my precious “secret,” earns the most attention and energy from me and also gets the most hits (not a lot by blogosphere standards, but more than my other newborn endeavors, obviously.)

It seems like I should find a way to let my love of this BE a priority, and try to make at least a small bit of money with it… move to a self-hosted site, post (carefully, and sparingly) some ads and a “feed this starving wannabe artist button.” To try to be a more successful blogger, I feel like it shows more integrity or something to use my real name. Then I can actually use tools like MyTwitFaceSpaceBooker to promote all my junk at once.

I feel very distinctly fragmented. Embrace this, as quintessentially a me thing, or

Maybe it’s time to pick a direction and really focus? What exactly is the real value of having an anonymous blog? Is a safe haven to bitch about my life and write about sex occasionally worth putting all this effort into something that I don’t get real life credit for? It all comes across as very money driven, but I’m starting to address that. I’m just about fucking sick of being broke and having talents I know I can harness and letting them dribble out through the cracks in my manic, barely cohesive life.

It’s not like I’m writing anything subversive or worrisome. I might clean up the archives a bit if I decided to link to real me shit. I just don’t know. I want a direction and a feeling of goal-havingness with my online stuff. Maybe it’s not so bad to keep daisybones anonymous and separate. I’ve just realized recently that this blog is my absolute favorite creation yet, and I want to decide what to do about that knowledge.


Also, I need to check my comments folder more often. Which is to say, ever. I rescued Available Light Kathy’s comments (thanks for telling me to look!) and discovered Liz Henry, which, I mean who- er whom?- was a great discovery. Hi, Liz, you are freakin’ gorgeous and brilliant. I realize your gorgeousness is irrelevant and it’s quite unfeminist of me to  fixate on it, but zOMG your hair is killer.


Sketchcasting: Coffee

WordPress still refuses to let me embed. Sorry:) Argh. I am having some “bail out and go back to Blogger” thoughts lately, but I’m loathe to start over again. It’s all just so damn much easier there, and now I own my domain name so I could use it there, just…. blah.

mommy propaganda?

I was invited to participate in another benefit show (this one is for Artists Against AIDS later this summer.) The theme is propaganda art, which should be stunningly retro-hip and witty. I’m thinking peace will be an overriding motif, and wonderfully so. I think I should go my own specific little crunchy way and do something about mothering or breastfeeding or something. I’m thinking maybe about how we sexualize babies’ food sources, i.e. boobs are not primary sexual organs. Or, I may go the “feminist isn’t a dirty word” route and vent some rage against young girls’ squeamish hesitance to use that word.

my etsy shop, again. new! with more Canada!

Sorry Gwen:) Didn’t meant to slight my beloved Canadian friends, or those from other countries. The Etsy stuff now has international shipping rates. I was just in a whirl to get things set up, and had very hastily guessed at US shipping and called it done. I spent a few minutes researching today and now have fixed the oversight:) *sheepish apology face*

etsy achieved!

I give you my fine art:

At least, I give it to you for now. I might get shifty and remove this post if I freak out about having my name up for real. So bookmark that baby:) Also, marvel at my fetching use of “Etsy Orange” to make my banner look like it regularly meets Etsy’s logo for coffee and bagels.