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the world of me progresses thusly:

Art Update

My nursing dyad* models will be at our photo studio (a.k.a. my dining room, with everything shoved against one wall while the backdrop is set up on the opposite wall and the light stands are surrounded by bump-happy dog and toddler life forms) tomorrow morning.

I haven’t even started the actual piece and I have butterflies whenever I think about it because its been two years since I showed publicly and I’m doing all this ridiculously self-censoring, self-critiquing in my head. I think I’m catching it before it enters the realm of being actually self-defeating or any other self-inclusive compound words.

Blog Update

Hi. My layout is still a patchwork of snippets from too many themes and why can’t I just take five minutes to upload anything but the giant orange dots from hell? It’s going to take a night of experimenting to play with my new CSS skills to really make me happy, but if the orange dots would just relax my eyeballs** would rejoice.

Will be happily, passionately, angrily, sexily, and actively participating in Sexography. RAINN is the beneficiary of this killer blog carnival of sorts. I’m hoping to achieve triple goals here- vent my rage and sorrow about my mom’s abuse, celebrate and reconnect to my own dusty, rusty, tired libidinal mojo, and generate a little bit of funding for RAINN. I must be hesitant subconsciously to delve into sexual content, though, because I dreamed that at a family reunion a cousin divulged the story of my most decadent exhibitionist night ever to my entire family.

Web 2.0 Goodness

I have switched to Firefox. Is love. I think I glimpsed, as I logged in to WP, a post about a new Beta version. Will check that out. Best extension, so far, is the Better Gmail add-on. I’m using version 1.whatever because it supports HTML signatures, which is how I found it to begin with- wanted linky goodness to all my 8,000 web projects.

Have also discovered FeedBurner- so soon you will see pretty buttons to subscribe to DaisyBones by email or RSS.

In the topic of Help Me PLZ, could someone help me figure out how to use the new version of CoComment? Can it automatically track my comments and I can check in and see if there are replies that I should attend to? What do you guys use? I know whatever it is it’s good, because when I comment back, you magically seem to know:)

*That is the prettiest phrase. I love the acknowledgement that the two of them are a unit together. It also evokes ‘dryad,’ a tree nymph:)

**RE: eyeballs. My cornea, it is once again whole and requires no scary surgery- just a prophylactic six more weeks of nighttime goop.

old school sketch

I found an old drawing when I was sorting paper piles yesterday. Click thumbnail. It is a thank you present to your eyes for letting me whine in that last post. It was a study for a book of linoleum block prints about dreams that I never made. I slacked pretty bad in ceramics, but I was pathological in my printmaking classes. Fun trivia? It took me 11 years to get my bachelor’s degree. I had 30+ hours more than I needed at the end. I had “concentrations” in drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and art history. Not design.


your a.m. dose of geekery

My breakfast time web surfing is occupied today with sussing out the difference between my beloved Century Gothic and Futura. I had always meant to examine them more carefully. Futura has a lower x height (the height of lowercase letters that don’t ascend or descend) which makes it a touch less playful and youthful than Century G. Futura is the yummiest for a little bit more of a professional feel. Here is a story of Futura.

Previous to my typophile reading, I was wandering around Hill House Publishers (via that splendiferous Neil blog) and leaving puddles of drool on their website floor. If anyone’s feeling like a little giftie, I’ll take the 900 freaking dollars, signed, numbered limited edition of American Gods, plz. Thx.

Hopefully knocking out a zine or two will help sublimate these bookmaking urges. Someday when the Birdy’s a big girl and we are not flat broke, I’m going to run away to Penland School of Crafts in the mountains in NC and learn bookbinding. *sigh*

vivid crazy wow goddess dream

Dream last night, and I’ll warn you, it gets kinda sexy. And scary. Somewhat weird. *g*

Starts in a cool house, totally a house-lust dream. Huge kitchen. Two refrigerators, and somehow it’s in the moment of looking through the kitchen for food, and finding some oatmeal with nuts and honey stuff that the dream switches gears. Continue reading

how much of our parenting style comes from our parents?

I just found Girl’s Gone Child- she has a post recalling that her earliest memories are of nightmares. She says she remembers waiting in her bed for her mom or dad to scoop her up and put her in between them, safe and cozy in their bed. She writes, then, about her little one crying for her from his crib, and her memories flooded back. Reading that, I reacted with two emotional responses and it occurred to me that they’re probably deeply linked. Continue reading

the strangest heart i’ve ever felt

Dream last night:

Bu and I have traveled to Alabama to stay w/ Lexie. The house is long and narrow. Very light in space and aura.

Her whole family is there; it’s a mad zoo. Her dad, granddad, cousins. I feel overwhelmed by them all. They all look like M’s family with his dark wavy hair. Remy = adorable! There is a very complicated diapering with small cut-outs pinned individually into his pants. Emsy likes him. She has a cousin who seems to hate me but then warms up; He reminds me of my step brother, to whom I have never really warmed.

Lexie, her grandfather, M, Bu, maybe more, are all in a line with their hands on each other’s hearts doing some kind of divination or energy reading. I join in with Lexie’s hand on my heart. She looks interested, like concerned-interested. “What is it?” I ask. “This is the strangest heart I’ve ever felt.” I say something along the lines of “Well, it may well have a whole extra chamber. Who the hell knows with this body. I have missing parts, extra parts…”

The end. What a weirdly unsetting but poetic phrase. I woke with it resonating in my mind. I may have to wait ages for Alexis to come back from California to hear her reaction. (Do they have net access where you’re staying?)


A sample of what I daydream about while nursing the baby 1,234,798 times a day:

Maybe I should take a nap… no, I’m not that sleepy. Naps… Leo da Vinci did little power naps all day and night instead of a long sleep. Da Vinci lived in a non 9-5 world. Artists should. I should. What was work life like in Renaissance? What time were shops open? What kind of shops were there? Where did Da Vinci buy his tools? Image of sculpting tools. Where did Michelangelo? Will I ever find that awesome hollowing/scraping tool I borrowed once from Joe? Did they make their own tools? Image of women in peasant clothes hunched over paint brushes with animal hair bristles. Image of Mona Lisa. Smell of oils & turpentine. I should start blogging my daydreams. It’s like a part time job, my daydreaming. How many hours a day do I spend nursing the baby? She nursed less last night. Thank the Gods. I want nursing photos, look how cute she is playing with my necklace. We’ll have to do that soon, while she’s small and cuddly. We could set up in our bedroom and do topless with beads for her to play with. Black and white. She’s so pretty… looks like a little girl today in her matchy outfit. When she was an infant I though her fancy clothes were sort of ridicuilous. It was like baby in drag. Tiny babies aren’t gendered… now it’s so cute though.