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handwritten post + bonus mousies!

from Bu’s class in pgh:


sketchbook page #1

Did a sketch of nursing to break in a new sketchbook. (This is a tiny revolution if you’re following the slackerness of me!) The proportions aren’t perfect, but without models whatcha gonna do? At least the page is no longer a scary frigid virgin page.

handwritten #…whatever

May have to click to read. Too tired depressed apathetic now to transcribe. Plus Bu’s whining for me to come to bed. See, “whining:” I suck and am often a bitch of a wife.

Inspire Me Thursday. Why the fuck Thursday?

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handwritten #2: study in run-on sentence-ery

And since I just scan mine in Photoshop instead of whatever awesome geekification Jase uses, I’ll just link here, and you imagine it’s in my written text even though it’s not. Hmmm… wonder if i could do an imagemap in Dreamweaver & embed it in a post? Surely I could. May try, when I don’t feel like a lump of dog pooh.

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handwritten #1