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Sketchcasting: Coffee

WordPress still refuses to let me embed. Sorry:) Argh. I am having some “bail out and go back to Blogger” thoughts lately, but I’m loathe to start over again. It’s all just so damn much easier there, and now I own my domain name so I could use it there, just…. blah.


Sketches about my arm & my womanly bits. Found my microphone. Too lazy to attempt to fight with embedding them. I notice that at least 75% of my sketch videos mention rum. Rum is yum.

Anatomy of Elephant Girl Part 1
Anatomy of Elephant Girl Part 2

handwritten post + bonus mousies!

from Bu’s class in pgh:

sketchcast #2: my man

This one is too much fun. The sounds fucks up a little but it’s listenable:)

I have the house to myself All. Night. Long! w00t! Bu’s in Pittsburgh teaching, the little bit is at the grandies’ and I’m off to rent an “artfag” movie that Bu would hate. (Souster recommends Perfume.) Then I’m going to watch Johnny Depp movies until I [run out of batteries] fall asleep. Oh, solitude, thou art bliss.

*Edit* They didn’t have it, so I got Pan’s Labyrinth. Finally. And then had a crazy awesome chat with Laura, whom I’ll get to meet at the end of the month and I am delirious with squee about that. And now I take the bath and watch movie and sleep the deep silky sleep of toddlerlessness. I’m kind of 5% mommyguilting about how often I let her have sleepovers but she luuurvs it and the grandies do too and I am fucking allowed to need time away that is not work related. OK, bye.

sketchcast #1

Thank you, Eden. It’s like crack for doodlers. I can’t get it to embed, but here’s the link: There’s actual voice!