Molly does Stuff:

  • First poo: all over Daddy’s hands as he changed her first diaper.
  • Mama dubs baby “Squeaker” in desperate attempt to retain humor when 2 day old baby begins inconsolable screaming and refusal to nurse- later we realize mama’s anemia has caused her to produce no colostrum and we use a Reglan prescription to remedy.
  • 6.12.07 Milkies!!! The LC weighed the Boue (8 lbs 10 oz after being eight-nine at birth and dropping to 7 lbs 3 oz in 2 days) and we have a go ahead to stop the bottles! w00t for boobies:) I’m so happy I could cry… feel so proud of such a simple biological thing.
  • Two or three weeks: Emsy holds her head very steady. Strong legs too. She’s obviously a prodigy.
  • 6.28.07 Nearly one month to the day: Emsy smiles! Emsy babbles! She says “Aah!” and “Mehm,” which I think means “Dad” & “Mom.” She had her one month old check up today. She’s almost 10 pounds and is long (22 1/2″) and healthy. She had an immunization shot which made her cry a whole new cry I’d never heard before, but she recovered quickly. We went shopping beforehand, and I thought I might have to force myself to nurse her in the bookstore, but she slept in her little Snugli sling the whole time and didn’t eat until we were hidden in the exam room at the pediatrician’s. I need a summer weight sling, but Mama and Daddy also have a need for groceries and to pay bills, so I’ll keep dreaming Maya Wrap dreams.
  • 7.15.07 First real nursing in public experience. (Besides the thrift store where half the staff is or was a nursing mama:) Was at Shoney’s, the home of plastic greasey food and non-crunchy moms and old ladies. Jacked up the car seat sunshield to use as a barrier:) No comments or rude stares, only one old man did a pretty subtle double take. Bu very proud.
  • 8.8.06: Emsy rolls over. Middle of the night nursing she rolled toward me, and then found herself on her belly. Mama got up to pee, putting her on her back, and when I came back she was on her belly.
  • 8.15.06 Emsy laughs, almost. Co-workers say it counts:)
  • 8.15.06 Emsy picks up a toy- her bunny rattle from Baby Lysee.
  • 8.18.06 Emsy’s first tumble. Falls off couch while incompetent idiot mother tries to take her picture.
  • 8.28.06 Emsy laughs actual haha laugh for Daddy-monkey noises.
  • 8.29.06 Emsy laughs actual haha laugh for Mommy- tickled belly.
  • 9.6.06 Emsy finds her feet. Cannot sit still to nurse because they are too much fun and they are all she can think about.
  • 9.6.06 Shane calls me at work to report that Emsy has gotten her first big wet yucky doggy kiss. Dharma licked her from chin to forehead. Emsy giggled.
  • 9.26.06 Emsy perfects the art of The Raspberry, and Mama has a moment of nostalgic awe remembering when the baby was nicknamed Emsy Raspberry- because she was a tiny raspberry-sized fetus in my barely-showing belly.
  • 10.1.06 Emsy discovers her thumb. (Edit: Never caught onto thumbsucking though. Apparently all suckling needs are met by nursing all night long constantly ohmygods.)
  • 10.4.06 Emsy abducted by time-travelling dinosaurs and replaced by baby pterodactyl.
  • 10.23.06 Emsy sees her first snowflakes. She doesn’t care.
  • 11.11.02 Emsy can sit by herself if we sit her up.
  • 11.23.06 Thanksgiving Day. Emsy has her first meal- sweet potatoes! (Le yum.)
  • 11.30.06 Emsy sees Christmas lights for the first time. Unimpressed.
  • 12.1.06 Emsy says “Mama,” the babbling version, not the I Know Your Name Is Mama version.
  • 12.11.06 Emsy’s first booboo. The mirror-door cut on the itty bitty finger.
  • 12.31.06 Emsy says “Dada.” Still doesn’t know who’s who.
  • 1.07 Emsy can wave bye-bye, as taught by Mamaw & Papaw. Oh, wait no she can’t. She forgot. Then she learned again, then forgot.
  • 1.1.07 Emsy picks very appropriate day for two new milestones: She pulls to standing in a laundry basket, then looks around with gleeful surprise at her new position, and she pulls herself to sitting from lying in bed. Neither have been repeated as of 1.11.07.
  • 1.11.07 Emsy’s “vocabulary”as of seven months: “mama, dada, m-, b-, g-, t-, d-, eye, ee, uh, and the raspberries and squawks.
  • Eight and a half months: Emsy waves Hi and Bye when prompted. She grins from ear to ear while waving.
  • 1.29.07 Emsy crawls. She has a sideways-ish funny crawl. She uses the foot on one leg and drags the other a little. Very cute but worries me a tiny bit as it’s hard not to be a developmental hypochondriac when you work with physical therapists.
  • 2.24.07 We have taught her to clap. When you say “Yay, Emsy!” or clap your hands she responds with little soundless soft baby clapping and a huuuuuuuge grin.
  • 2.25.07 First tooth! Bottom left front tooth. Almost nine months:)
  • 3.11.07 We discover three (!) new top teeth in various stages of breaking through.
  • 3.12.07 Emsy learns “uh-oh!” Mama dies from the cuteness overload. This is the first real sound she mimics. It is awesome. She can also stand herself up sometimes and bend over then straighten. She stands pretty stable now. I predict walking very soon.
  • 3.14.07 Emsy’s first steps, from Daddy to Papaw.
  • 3.15.07 Emsy crawl-climbs steps.
  • 3.16.07 Emsy hands me a book to read for the first time. It’s the baby animals one.
  • April 2007 “Dat!?” Pointing at everything, dat! dat ! dat?
  • 5.23.07 She climbs furniture. Into green old chair and up onto the arm. Very scary.
  • 5.30.07 Emsy says cat. (Check up, 17 lbs 11 oz. 28″ tall.)
  • 6.2.07 Emsy’s first devil horns, i.e. headbanging rocking awesomeness. She even pumped her hand as if to metal music. She is so cool.
  • Eleven months-ish- Emsy knows where her nose is.
  • Twelve months-ish- Emsy knows “Gimme Five!”
  • 13 months: makes gutturalk Oh! Ooh! noise for dog and tiny squeaky noise for kitty.
  • 13 1/2 months: Ems masters blowing kisses. Also has fallen in love with “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and started mimicking hand motions:)
  • 14 months: Emsy gives real kisses! *Smack:Heartmelt*
  • 14 months wordage: mama, dada (specific) bye bye, uh-oh!, bah (ball), ni-ni (night-night/nummins), muh-mama or mumum (MawMaw), bup (burp. so cute) bop (as in repeating “Did you bop your noggin?”) She knows where her nose, mouth, teeth, ears, and belly are.
  • 8.5.07 Emsy says: Good girl! then won’t repeat. Of course. But Mamaw & I heard her repeat it and were both quite enchanted:)
  • 14 1/2 months. Sometimes, Boue will fart and say “poot?”
  • 10/29/07 Birdy learns new awesome word: Gock-lit!
  • 17 months: Emsy rocks so hard. She headbangs even. Still eensy, but wearing 12-18 months stuff. Her words: mama, dada, mawmaw, papaw (which, mysteriously, is always whispered…melty cuteness,) deedle-eedle-ee = kitty, the most squeeful of all words, bay = bailey our dog, boh = boss, the neighbor’s dog, nana = banana, gak= quack, gock-lit = chocolate, num num, nah!, or nah nah= nursing, nigh-nigh = bedtime, baaawwwwwlll = ball (still drawing it out into 13 or so syllables, mmmm = “moo”, bah = sheep noise, teet = “tweet” mah = goat noise, ooh = owl noise, ‘nap =snap… go, gone…She ‘s mimicking really well (she said “Fuh…” once: eep!) and seems to learn new words every day, at least temporarily.
  • 11/7/07 Starts saying “Eesss” or just “SSSSSssss” for Elyse.
  • 11/7/07 Molly’s first haircut (I think. Bu says it doesn’t count.) I trimmed her wee wispy bangs and she looks adorable.
  • 11/20/07 “Nih-Nigh” for Midnight, the grandies’ cat
  • 1/26/08 Random 20 month old stuff, as I haven’t updated Milestones in two months: She has lots of words suddenly, in the past week or two. She learned “no” and it’s the sweetest little sad sound. It’s like when she was newborn and cried and Bu & I said how it made us want to carve our hearts out and serve it to her on a platter. She still doesn’t say “yes,” but indicates an affirmative response by giggling, which is so sweet I hope she never learns yes. She says Wah-yee for water. Djoos for juice. Ee for eat. Cack-ah with a whispered “ah” for cracker. She also always whispers Pah-Pah for Papaw. She says Dom-Doh for Dharma Dog and calls her a Good Girl. She knows “hot” really well; behaves wonderfully with the woodburning stove. She has watched Aladdin about 80 times this week. First movie she has gotten attached to. She loves bath but hates shower with a fiery loathing. She loves to go-go bye-bye. Not making two word sentences often, but occasionally will. She learned to talk on the phone this week, too. Her hello is “Lo-Lo.” Her favorite toys right now are her dolls which get to ride in the toy stroller a lot and be brought to me for nummins. The Molly gets nummins, too. Very cute. And she feeds them. She’s eating a little better. Everything must be spooned or forked. She eats her freakin’ bread with a fork.
  • 3.1708 The Birdy apparently made a big sentence this morning, “Night-night, Papaw, please.”
  • 6.3.08 Recent Birdy tricks: Crazy Eyes, What’s Hulk Do? (Grrr…. with raised fists.)
  • Birdy speak circa 24 months: to-to=cookie, bantet=blanket, dawmah-dod=dharmadog, say-uh-ee=shadey, wain=rain (shower) , peent=pink, puh-pull=purple, lallo=yellow; wee-wee=fishie, may-may=mermaid, tat=cat, tee-tee=kiki (a favorite movie), tay-yo=potatoes, mat=mashed (the preferred presentation of the Exalted Potato), dooce=juice, caca=cracker, chocolate. She learns new words so fast it’s futile to list her vocabulary at this point.

    Beautiful Things to Never, Ever Forget:
  • Popeye face. Emsy made this when she was hungry from the minute she was born. She opens her mouth sort of sideways and moves her head, rooting for nursies. She squints one eye, even.
  • The Moro Reflex. When Emsy gets startled, she throws out her arms wide and it’s so cute. It looks like she’s trying to hug the entire universe.
  • Posing for newborn skin-on-skin photos topless with a naked baby, with breastmilk and urine dribbling onto the floor, cracking up.
  • Walking on the ceiling. Daddy’s favorite game. He turned Emsy upside down one day, and I tried to find a reason to worry, but she loves it. He’ll pick her up by the fat little thighs and walk her on the ceiling. She is incredibly cute from that angle.
  • Emsy playing with her hair with one hand as she nurses. The other is tucked in between us and her face is like the most satisfied baby face ever, her head tilted back, her eyes half closed and her mouth all fishy faced around my nipple.
  • Morning Emsy. She purses her lips, scrunches her face, and stretches until you think she’s going to bend backwards into a complete circle. She flails her hands about wildly, she thrashes her head. She yawns. Then suddenly she’s still again, she goes limp as a wet noodle and falls back to sleep. Repeat from 6:00 a.m. until 10a.m. When she finally is awake, she snaps those bright, deep eyes wide open and starts babbling and cooing as if telling us about her dreams.
  • Emsy’s new nursing noises: “ah, ahh, ahhh, AAAH!!!!” Urgently grunted while mouth is gaping open in front of Mama’s frantically-in-the-process-of-being-opened-bra.
  • Emsy’s insane head-turny move. She shakes her head from side-to-side really fast and grins like a maniac. It’s hysterical.
  • Emsy says mamamamama, and this seems to mean “Yay! My bum is naked! Away with the diaper, away!” Because she likes to babble it when she’s being changed.
  • Emsy playing gently with the hair behind my ears as she cuddles me. (This makes the memories section. The fists full of pulled out hair don’t because I’ll be wanting to forget that part.)
  • Emsy “talks” to herself. Sometimes when she’s engaged in cruising or “standing practice” she’ll make quiet little whispered baby babble sounds that sound like she’s talking to herself and is deep in thought.
  • Emsy’s first “hug.” Entwining her skinny little arms around my neck and playing with my hair then squeezing, and tilting her head way back to smile at me like I was the sun.
  • Watching her bliss out in a shower of tiny yellow leaves this autumn on the grandies’ porch.
  • Cutest Boue stuff at 17 months: mama’s face peek-a-boo, the toe eating pirranah(sp?) monster, “show me your teeth” elicits huuuuge grin, her hair is getting so long, must trim bangs soon, how she signs more for everything…. playing with her especially. *Edit* 11/7/07 Molly’s first haircut (I think. Bu says it doesn’t count.) I trimmed her wee wispy bangs and she looks adorable.
  • January 2008. Post bath num-num. I got her out of the tub and she was freeeezing so I got her all dressed and stayed naked myself. Brought her down to Bu but she freaked and clung to me, so I wrapped up in a blanket and sat by the fire against a bunch of pillows on the couch and nursed her for over an hour while she slept. Made a little pillow with my towel and melted.

2 responses to “Milestones

  1. that’s so beautiful 😀
    great idea!!!
    you seem like a fun mum!

  2. I love this section! I wish I would have started my blog sooner and done this, since I’m horrible about keeping Little Dude’s calendar and baby book up-to-date. The poor guy will never know when his “firsts” truly happened.

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